Gynecologic Oncology Team



This is an exciting time to be a researcher at Stony Brook University Cancer Center. Transformative changes are taking place in all areas, from new clinical faculty to innovative research initiatives to additional cutting-edge equipment and facilities.  

We’re entering a new era in which scientific and medical research will be awe-inspiring. At the Cancer Center, we have a talented research team in place. Every day, we’re actively recruiting top caliber researchers to join us. Our priority is to recruit those who share our vision and can work with us to expand our translational research program. 

We’ve outlined a strategic journey that will enable accelerated investigation into the pathogenesis and metabolomics of cancer, which will help us develop novel and effective therapeutics to benefit our patients. 

With original ideas, sharp minds and tenacity, we can move confidently into the future of cancer research and clinical care. 

We look forward to updating you on what we discover as we move forward.

Yusuf A. Hannun, MD
Director, Stony Brook University Cancer Center
Vice Dean for Cancer Medicine
Joel Strum Kenny Professor in Cancer Research