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Clinical Services

At Stony Brook University Cancer Center, breast cancer is treated at the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Care Center. We offer a comprehensive range of diagnostic, treatment and follow-up services for patients with breast cancer, including expedited diagnosis and technologically advanced radiation, surgical, and systemic therapies. For more information: Diagnosis & Treatment

Highlights include:

  • Carol M. Baldwin Breast Care Center  Multidiscliplinary, expedited diagnostic services with a surgeon and radiologist on site to review mammographic and clinical findings together (not just by report).
  • Genetic counseling  A specialized genetic counselor is available to women and families dealing with inheritable breast cancers.
  • Lymphedema program In conjunction with the Department of Physical and Occupational Therapy, patients have access to a comprehensive, highly specialized lymphedema evaluation and treatment program. The lymphedema program incorporates the principles of CDT (Complete Decongestive Therapy) to address tissue swelling in individuals undergoing or having received treatment for cancer.  For more information, call (631) 444-4240.
  • MammoSite® radiation for breast cancer permits full lumpectomy radiation in five days for some cancers, instead of six weeks of external radiation. Its appropriateness depends on specific factors. Your doctor can advise you on this option.

Our exceptional clinical support services contribute to coordinated care. These include Nutrition ServicesPalliative Care/Survivorship & Support and Physical and Occupational Rehabilitation, Therapeutic Yoga. For more information, see Patient Support.