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Registration is open for the 11th ICC, 19-22 April 2021

Biochemistry of lipids and membranes 
2021 ASBMB Annual Meeting

April 27–30 | Virtual

Sessions in this track include:

  • Novel roles of lipids in health and disease
  • How lipids impact the structure and function of membrane proteins
  • Membrane biogenesis and trafficking

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5/2020. Link below for the Eureka undergraduate symposium.

You will be able to view Jonathan and Sally’s posters (Medicine) and Erika’s (BioInformatics).

Poster symposium

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The 11th iCC will be held April 18th – 22nd 2021, Charleston, South Carolina. This meeting will be dedicated to the legacy of Dr. Lina Obeid, a true giant in the sphingolipid field, with a special session and creation of a new award: The Lina M. Obeid Young Investigator Award

FASEB Science Research Conference

The Phospholipids Conference: Dynamic Lipid Signaling in Health and Disease

August 9-14th, 2020

Steamboat Springs, CO

Research Symposium July 10, 2020


FASEB Science Research Conference

The Cell Signaling in Cancer Conference: From Mechanisms to Therapy

June 14-18th, 2020
Tucson, AZ

AACR American Association for Cancer Research
April 24-29, 2020

San Diego Convention Center
San Diego, California

Gloria & Mark Snyder Symposium April 21, 2020

SBU Hilton Garden Inn

Gordon Research Conference

A Holistic Approach to Understanding Simple and Complex Sphingolipids

Renaissance Tuscany Il Ciocco, Via Giovanni Pascoli, Lucca (Barga), IT

GRC March 22-27 Italy

GRS March 21-22 Italy

DOM Research Retreat

Friday, March 20th, 2020 (12 noon-5pm)

Hilton Garden Inn, Stony Brook

2019 Stony Brook Cancer Center Breast Cancer Retreat

November 15, 2019, Noon – 5 PM, Hilton Garden Inn

Louis Viglietta and Samia Mohammed at the Simons summer research program poster presentation, 8/9/19

Louis Viglietta with mentor, Samia Mohammed

Dr. Senkal’s goodbye party, 7/23/19

Group photo

The lab had their paper "Probing compartment-specific sphingolipids with targeted bacterial sphingomyelinases and ceramidases" by Wataru Sakamoto, Daniel Canals, Silvia Salamone, Janet Allopenna, Christopher Clarke, Justin Snider, Lina Obeid, and Yusuf Hannun accepted for publication in the Journal of Lipid Research. This paper, originating from the Hannun lab, details the use of bacterial enzymes targeted to specific cellular compartments such as the Golgi and ER as tools to probe their sphingolipid composition. As there is a growing appreciation of the compartmentalization of sphingolipid metabolism and signaling, these constructs add valuable tools for probing such functions.

The lab had their paper "PKCα is required for Akt-mTORC1 activation in Non-Small Cell Lung Carcinoma (NSCLC) with EGFR mutation" by Yusuf Hannun, Mohamed Salama, Mengling Liu, Christopher Clarke, Mel Pilar Espaillat, John Haley, Lina Marie Obeid, Daifeng Wang, and Ting Jin accepted for publication in Oncogene. This paper, originating from the Hannun lab with help from the Obeid lab, details the role of PKCα as an upstream activator of Akt-mTORC1 signaling specifically in lung cancers harboring mutant but not wild-type EGFRs. This establishes PKCα as a target of interest in such lung cancers.

16th International Conference on Bioactive Lipids in Cancer, Inflammation and Related Diseases
St. Petersburg, Florida
Oct. 20-23, 2019
Yusuf Hannun, MD and Lina Obeid, MD selected as the first dual recipients of the Lifetime Achievement Award for their pioneering work on the role of ceramide and sphingolipids in aging.
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