When a child or adolescent has cancer, parents will do anything and go anywhere to get the best possible treatment. Frequently, families may feel that they need to travel great distances for expert care. But as pediatric cancer treatments have become more standardized, most physicians agree that the best place to go to is the institution that has the required expertise but is most convenient to the family.

Stony Brook Cancer Center provides the only comprehensive cancer program for both adults and children in Suffolk County. Our Pediatric Hematology/Oncology outpatient program is located in the new Medical and Research Translation (MART) building, and will be directly connected to the new Stony Brook Children's Hospital, where our pediatric hematology/oncology inpatients are treated, facilitating seamless care.

As active members and leaders of the prestigious Children’s Oncology Group, the largest childhood cancer consortium in the world, our program offers the most up-to-date treatments for children with cancer. It is led by expert board-certified pediatric hematologist/oncologists and backed by the full resources of Stony Brook Children’s Hospital, the only dedicated children’s hospital in Suffolk County.

A comprehensive multidisciplinary family-centered approach addresses each child’s medical needs, which includes taking into consideration the child’s emotional and developmental stages. Our healthcare team uses a family-centered decision-making model during treatment as well as in the aftermath of treatment and survivorship. In the child’s best interest, our program offers flexible scheduling and 24-hour-visiting to accommodate family and friends.

A full complement of clinical specialists from Stony Brook departments such as Surgery, Child Life, the Emergency Department and Social Work are also members of the care team. An array of support services addresses the emotional well being and quality of life of both the child and family during treatment and beyond. Our goal is for every child to be cured and become a healthy, well-adjusted, productive adult.