The Medical and Research Translation (MART) building was designed with the vision of a single, transformative facility combining innovative cancer research and treatment under one roof.

The MART brings together nationally and internationally renowned experts across the University’s campus in chemistry, biology, informatics, genomics, applied mathematics, engineering sciences, computational biology, imaging, metabolism and computer sciences, leading talented, collaborative teams. Together, they share one singular purpose: to investigate, discover and drive innovations in cancer treatment.

Yusuf A. Hannun, MD has served as the Director of Stony Brook Cancer Center since 2012. Dr. Hannun is an internationally renowned researcher in the area of lipids, protein kinases and signal transduction. His current research, supported by five National Cancer Institute grants totaling $1.7 million, focuses on lipid signaling mechanisms and networks. He is a firm believer that the academic environment is paramount to continuing the momentum of cancer research here — and ultimately finding cures.

In his six years leading the Cancer Center, Dr. Hannun has assembled his own team of expert researchers, physicians and staff members who are dedicated not only to finding cures, but also to providing compassionate care to our patients. Chairs, team leaders, nurse managers, directors, principal investigators and managers are instrumental in guiding their teams and influencing processes to create the most effective environment for optimal patient care and research breakthroughs.