Stony Brook Cancer Center’s clinical trials program brings the future of cancer care to our patients today, offering innovative clinical trials that lead to new and transformative ways to prevent, diagnose, and treat cancer.

In the Medical and Research Translational (MART) building, cancer researchers collaborate with physician-scientists from our 12 multidisciplinary disease-oriented care teams to discover new therapies and to provide access to pioneering clinical trials for every major cancer site. Many of the current cancer therapies are based on the outcomes of clinical trials.

These trials can bring breakthrough discoveries in basic science and clinical cancer research by developing them into novel therapies for adults and children with cancer. Some trials are for treatments that are more effective and easier to tolerate than current therapies. Other trials are to seek ways to power a patient’s own immune system to fight cancer. Others are for investigating ways to detect and isolate cancer cells circulating in the blood, or to develop methods to predict and stop cancer’s spread or recurrence.

Stony Brook Cancer Center has more than 70 innovative cancer clinical trials, with new trial offerings each month. Our cancer specialists let patients know whether there are trials that might be appropriate, and they explain the goals and structure of each trial so patients can make well-informed decisions. Being a part of a clinical trial offers the latest treatments possible while benefiting patients both now and in the future by identifying tomorrow’s cancer treatments today.