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Cancer Care Teams

There is much good news about cancer today. Diagnostics are more accurate. Treatments are more targeted. And each day brings new discoveries. As a result, cure rates for some cancers now exceed 90 percent, and cancer survivors in the U.S. total more than 11.4 million. There is more reason than ever for cancer patients to learn about their options, actively participate in their care, take heart, and have hope.

At Stony Brook Medicine, we can help. We’re leaders in cancer care, serving more than 3,000 newly diagnosed adult cancer patients each year.

Stony Brook’s 12 site-specific, multidisciplinary Disease Management Teams provide a coordinated approach to cancer diagnosis, treatment, and follow-up. Patients receive comprehensive cancer services across the full spectrum of care. It is delivered efficiently, offering a sense of continuity and comfort. This approach has another benefit as well: contributing to outcomes that exceed national benchmarks. Disease Management Teams also participate in community education, screenings, and early intervention — all to provide the best care.

Teams consist of combinations of oncologists with cancer subspecialties and:

Patients are assigned a nurse navigator or nurse practitioner, who facilitates scheduling, coordination of services, communication among team members, problem solving, and matching patients to available clinical studies. Most patients work with one of our 12 multidisciplinary teams.