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Stony Brook Cancer Center is proud to serve as Suffolk County's leader for cancer services.

Ask a cancer survivor. Having highly advanced care close to home means more support, access to a full range of care options, and a better quality of life during one of life’s most challenging times. Stony Brook Cancer Center delivers this expertise in your own backyard.

As part of Suffolk County’s only academic medical institution, the Cancer Center’s mission focuses on three core areas — research, clinical care and education — all of which lead to improved care for the community.


Cancer Center
3 Edmund D. Pellegrino Road
Stony Brook, NY 11794
(631) 638-1000

Clinical Care.
Clinical care is how the advances made by researchers ultimately get delivered to patients. Stony Brook Cancer Center utilizes multidisciplinary treatment teams, made up of experts from many specialties — from radiation and medical oncology to plastic surgery and pharmacology — to pool the latest knowledge in their fields to determine an optimal treatment plan for each patient. This highly personal approach to cancer care is also reflected in our nurse navigator program, our survivorship program and the many support services we have in place.
Research is about finding answers: What is the genetic mechanism that triggers cancer? Will changing a medicine’s dosage result in fewer side effects? Can certain compounds form the basis of new cancer medicines? These and hundreds of other questions are being studied in Stony Brook’s laboratories every day. Through the efforts of our gifted physician-scientists, not only are we developing a better understanding of cancer, but we are making significant contributions to the field in developing new approaches to diagnosing and treating the disease.
Education means that patients always have access to the best ideas in medicine. Stony Brook University School of Medicine trains the next generation of cancer physicians, bringing the most-up-to-date techniques and practices from the classroom to the bedside. The Medical School attracts the best and the brightest doctors, many of whom remain in the area to serve our community.