Stony Brook Cancer Center in the MART: Frequently Asked Questions

Stony Brook Cancer Center's New Home is in the
Medical and Research Translation (MART) building on Lauterbur Drive

What advancements to cancer research and treatment will be possible in the new building?

Stony Brook Cancer Center researchers and clinicians are joining forces in the MART to build the most comprehensive, integrated and unified team with one singular purpose: to investigate, discover and drive innovations in cancer treatment. Some of the highlights:

  • Scientific discovery will be translated into clinical research from which promising patient results will evolve into FDA-approved healthcare diagnostic and treatment options.
  • Leading-edge technology will create revolutionary ways to observe, diagnose and improve cancer treatments. A cyclotron, which is a particle accelerator, will be used with PET imaging to enable cancer experts to more precisely target tumors.
  • With deep expertise in imaging, metabolomics, and cancer research and treatment, researchers will target cancer metabolism pathways once thought untreatable by traditional drug therapies, creating new and innovative ways to treat cancer.
  • Genetic and genomic information about a patient’s cancer will provide clinicians with essential information to select the most effective treatments and provide precision medicine based on genetic, environmental and lifestyle factors.

How does this new facility improve access to cancer treatment at Stony Brook Medicine?

With expanded state-of-the-art space for patients and their families, our new facility will offer access to Stony Brook’s cancer experts in one convenient location, with space that respects the special needs of patients with cancer and their families.

To facilitate our patients’ visits as comfortably and efficiently as possible, the new Cancer Center is designed with advanced technology to support Smart Tags. When a patient enters, he or she will be given a Smart Tag, which helps the staff know, from the moment of arrival, how to best navigate a patient’s time at the Cancer Center.

For adults, multispecialty oncology treatment areas are located on Level 5. Level 5 has 38 exam rooms and seven procedure rooms. The modern floor plan enables physicians, healthcare staff and patients to interact within a convenient and effective clinical flow.

For children and young adolescents, all doctor and infusion or transfusion visits will be in a dedicated pediatric area on Level 6.

For chemotherapy infusion appointments, adult patients will go to Level 6 where there are 38 chemotherapy infusion chairs that are in open, semi-private or private spaces. A central room on this floor has an open infusion bay area with a fireplace in the center. Moving to the MART will increase the number of infusion sessions that are available.

What sets this facility apart from others on Long Island?

The eight-story, 240,000-square-foot MART will be the only facility of its kind on Long Island, with four floors dedicated solely to research. The outpatient cancer treatment area for adults and children will occupy two floors. The MART is adjacent to Stony Brook University Hospital, including the new 10-story Hospital Pavilion and the new Stony Brook Children’s Hospital, offering exceptional opportunities to bring researchers and clinicians together in a synergistic, collaborative environment to develop breakthrough medicines, treatments and cures.

Stony Brook Cancer Center is Suffolk County’s cancer care leader and a leader in education and research. There are more than 70,000 outpatient visits annually. Patients can make appointments for diagnosis, treatment and follow-up care.

How will patients benefit from clinical trials in the new building?

Clinical trials are designed to provide information on how to better prevent, diagnose, treat and cure cancer. Each of our Disease Management Teams is empowered to initiate clinical trials, which can help patients now and lead to new therapies for patients in the future.

As physician-scientists, Stony Brook doctors are currently leading clinical studies for every major cancer site. As new trials are developed, doctors determine who might benefit from a particular trial and whether a patient fits the trial’s criteria. The doctor explains what the trial is investigating and how the trial will be structured, so the patient can make a well-informed decision.

To participate, patients are referred to the professional staff in the Clinical Trials Office, which is located in the Administration Suite in the MART. The staff provides details and answers questions about more than 70 cancer clinical trials underway. The close proximity to the healthcare professionals on the Disease Management Teams will help to streamline the process of patient enrollment and coordination of appointments.

What enhancements to patient support services will be provided in the new building?

With expanded state-of-the-art space for patients and their families, the new Cancer Center offers access to Stony Brook’s cancer experts in one convenient location, with space that respects the special needs of cancer patients and their families. Clinical services feature programs that address the comfort and emotional journeys for patients and their caregivers, such as psychological care, pain management, cancer survivorship and palliative care. This multidisciplinary approach ensures that patients not only receive comprehensive care for their disease, but also addresses their psychosocial needs through extensive support services.

Patient-centered amenities will address the personal needs of patients and their families, with private treatment spaces and comfortable seating areas. Other amenities include:

  • Resource Center: contains books, computers and comfortable couches
  • Large Wellness Room: includes a mobile ballet barre and space for yoga classes, support groups and other group activities
  • Cancer Boutique: includes a beauty room where patients can be pampered and a retail section with prostheses, wigs and mastectomy apparel

For support services for adult patients, click here.
For support services for pediatric patients, click here.

How will the MART further the educational mission of Stony Brook University School of Medicine?

Education will be conducted in the beautiful 305-seat auditorium located on Level 5. Healthcare professionals and biomedical investigators of the future will attend classes, lectures, grand rounds and guest presentations in the 10 classrooms that can accommodate more than 300 students, on Level 4. Our new classrooms are equipped with state-of-the-art audiovisual technology to record educational activities for later viewing, with flexible seating that’s easily configured for small-group learning activities.

What else will be located in the building in addition to Stony Brook Cancer Center?

In the MART on Level 5 (street level), a light-filled open space lobby is available for events, from which a 305-seat auditorium can be accessed for lectures, presentations and performances. On the same floor, Stony Brook staff, patients and the public can visit two restaurants, Jamba Juice and Panera Bread.

Are any cancer services not relocating to the new building?

The Carol M. Baldwin Breast Care Center will remain open in its current location and will continue to house breast imaging and breast surgery services at 3 Edmund D. Pellegrino Road. The Department of Radiation Oncology will remain on Level 2 in Stony Brook University Hospital.

What will the former Cancer Center facility be used for?

The building will be called the Ambulatory Care Pavilion and will become a multidisciplinary outpatient care site for Stony Brook University Heart Institute. Imaging Services will also remain in the building, including simultaneous PET/MRI.

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