Medical Oncology and Hematology

The doctors in this specialty evaluate and treat a broad range of malignant diseases using chemotherapy and immunotherapy. Led by best-in-field physicians, this department includes nurse practitioners, chemotherapy-certified oncology nurses, nurse navigators trained in oncology and research nurses.

Treatment is provided on an outpatient basis, on Level 6 of the Outpatient Cancer Center (sometimes reffered to as the MART building, on Lauterbur Drive). Infusion stations feature a relaxing reclinable chair for your comfort during treatment. Televisions, free Wi-Fi, books and magazines are available. 

The Medical Oncology Inpatient Unit maintains 37 beds, four of which are dedicated to bone marrow transplantation.

Types of Medical Oncology
Chemotherapy. This is a medicine, usually given intravenously (but also can be given in the form of a pill, capsule, liquid or injection), designed to destroy cancer cells in the body.

Immunotherapy. The body’s immune system is responsible for fighting off infection. Immunotherapy is a form of medical treatment that activates the immune system to help fight cancer. The treatments come from a variety of living cells, which can be yeast, bacteria, plant or animal cells. They are large proteins that are injected into patients either to provide proteins they no longer have, or to help treat specific diseases.

Meet Our Medical Oncologists

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