Diagnosis Treatment & Technologies

Diagnosis & Treatment

Diagnosing Your Cancer
The first step to treat cancer is to obtain an accurate diagnosis. Your doctor will take your medical history, assess your current state of health and, in most cases, send you for diagnostic testing or imaging studies. The Cancer Center has a wide range of imaging studies available. To learn more: Diagnostic Imaging.

Your Treatment
The Cancer Center takes a team approach to cancer care. A health professional from every specialty is represented on each team. This typically involves a surgeon and several doctors, along with a nurse and social worker. All bring their expertise and are involved in every stage of your care, for optimal treatment and recovery. You and your family members collaborate with the healthcare members to find the best solution during your care.

A full range of treatments is available at the Cancer Center. Most patients are treated from one or a combination of the three following areas:

Medical Oncology and Hematology
Surgical Oncology
• Radiation Therapy

For more information: 12 Cancer Care Teams