Cancer Committee

The Cancer Committee is the designated multidisciplinary body for the administrative oversight, development, and review of cancer care services at Stony Brook Medicine. The Committee communicates directly with the Hospital’s medical board, and its activities and recommendations directly impact programs. Members include physician representatives from the medical, surgical, diagnostic, and clinical areas along with representatives from supporting services involved with the care of patients with cancer. Its composition must include board-certified physicians from surgery, medical oncology, radiation oncology, diagnostic radiology, and pathology, along with a cancer liaison physician, clinical research manager, pain control/palliative care specialist, and representatives from Hospital administration, nursing, social services, cancer registry, and quality assurance. In 2010, a permanent member representing the American Cancer Society joined, and representation from the medical oncology community physician continued. Committees and work groups meet on Cancer Leadership, Cancer Quality Service, Tumor Board and Cancer Conferences, and Community Outreach and External Relations.

The Committee is charged with providing leadership to plan, initiate, stimulate, and assess the institution’s cancer-related activities, in accordance with the Commission on Cancer requirements for cancer program accreditation. Under the leadership of the Cancer Committee, Stony Brook’s Breast Care Center program was awarded national accreditation. During the same period, the Stony Brook’s overall cancer care program received continued accreditation from the American College of Surgeons Commission on Cancer as a Teaching Hospital Approved Cancer Program, with full commendation on all standards, as well as the organization’s Outstanding Achievement Award.

Physician Members

Ghassan Samara, MD, Surgery/Radiation Oncology, Committee Chair
Paula Denoya, MD, Surgery, Cancer Liaison Physician

James Davis, MD, Pathology
Valmore Suprenant, MD, Diagnostic Radiology
Minsig Choi, MD, Medical Oncology, Cancer Conference Coordinator
Lea Baer, MD, Hematology/Oncology, Cancer Registry, QA Coordinator 
Edward Valentine, MD, Radiation Oncology
Lynn Hallarman, MD, Palliative Care
Melissa Henretta, MD, MPH, Gynecologic Oncology 

Non-Physician Members

Julie Mischo, RN, MSN, OCN, Cancer Services Administration, Cancer Program Administrator
Linda Bily, Community Outreach Coordinator
Jennifer Hofecker, MSA, Clinical Trial Coordinator 
Gwen Goldstein, MS, CGC, Genetics
Susan McCarthy, LMSW, Social Work
Denise M. Martorana, RN, MSN, MS, Continuos Quality Improvement, Quality Improvement Coordinator
Patty Doty, RN, MS, ACN-BC, OCN, Oncology Nursing
Xuan Barzilay, MBA, CTR, Cancer Registry
Joseph Giglio, DPT, Physical Medicine
Jennifer Fitzgibbon, MS, RD, Oncology Nutrition
Wanda Diane Gardner-Slate, Chaplaincy 
Rodina Taylor-Thomas, RN, BSN, Healthcare Teleservices
Scot Weber, RPh, Pharmacy
Dawn Tropeano, American Cancer Society