Dr. Hannun
photo of Dr Ryu 

Dear Colleague:

Welcome to Stony Brook Cancer Center. As an academic medical institution and a Suffolk County resource, we are committed to serving the community in any way that we can. 

This commitment is reflected in our investment in the latest diagnostic technology, our research capabilities and clinical trials, our multidisciplinary, site-specific disease management teams, highly specialized physician-scientists and our pioneering protocols.

Just as important, it is reflected in the way we work with other physicians and local hospitals. We see ourselves as your colleague and partner in patient care. We make not just our advanced diagnostic and treatment resources available to you, but also the expertise of our specialists. We are happy to work directly with you on individual cases, provide second options, consultations and even training on new equipment and protocols.

However we work with you, expect efficient scheduling, ongoing communication and total transparency. Truly, we are here to serve, and however we can help you deliver advanced cancer services to your patients, we are happy to help.

Yusuf A. Hannun, MD
Director, Stony Brook Cancer Center
Vice Dean for Cancer Medicine
Joel Strum Kenny Professor in Cancer Research

Samuel Ryu, MD
Deputy Director, Clinical Affairs, Stony Brook Cancer Center
Chair, Radiation Oncology