Stony Brook Cancer Center is an integral part of Stony Brook Medicine, Long Island’s premier academic medical center. Stony Brook Medicine integrates and elevates all of Stony Brook University’s health-related initiatives: education, research and patient care.

With this intrinsic link to Stony Brook University, Stony Brook Cancer Center’s robust research program has unlimited access to the University’s notable areas of exceptional strength. The expansive range of expertise and talent within these specialties — applied mathematics, computational biology, biomedical engineering, biomedical informatics, biomedical sciences, imaging research, metabolism research, as well as basic, clinical and translational research — serves as a fertile resource from which to draw scientific concepts, data analytics and revolutionary ideas.

Stony Brook Cancer Center’s facility — the Medical and Research Translation (MART) building — was intentionally designed to bring together cancer researchers and clinical investigators in close physical proximity to effortlessly join forces in collaborating and focusing on important cancer problems. Their overall goal is to build the most comprehensive, integrated and unified team with the purpose of investigating, discovering and driving innovation in cancer treatment and prevention.

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Stony Brook Cancer Center
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