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Support Groups

Support groups offer an opportunity to talk with others who are facing the same challenges. This can provide comfort, stress release, and a safe place to share thoughts and concerns. Stony Brook Cancer Center offers several support groups to benefit patients with cancer.

Some of our groups meet in person and others meet only virtually, via a set-up like Zoom. Some are currently on pause. EAth method is noted next to teh group name.

Our HealthConnect referral service has the most up-to-date information on the groups' specific meeting dates and times. For more information and to register, call HealthConnect at (631) 444-4000.

All Types of Cancers - On Pause
Last Wednesday of the month • 6:30 pm

All Types of Cancers (Spoken in Spanish) - On Pause
First Wednesday of the month • 6 pm

Bladder Cancer - In-person Meeting
Third Thursday of the month • 5:30 to 6:30 pm

Blood Cancers - Meets Virtually
Third Monday of the month • 6:30 pm

Breast Cancer - Meets Virtually
First Wednesday of the month • 7 pm

Gynecologic Oncology - Meets Virtually
Last Tuesday of the month • 7 pm

Head and Neck Cancer — SPOHNC Stony Brook Chapter - In-person Meeting
Last Tuesday of the month • 6:30 to 8:00 pm

Lung Cancer - In-person Meeting
Third Wednesday of the month • 6 to 7 pm

Prostate Cancer - In-person Meeting
Second Tuesday of the month • 5:30 pm

A Bereavement Support Group is held on an as needed basis. Please call (631) 444-4000 for more information.