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The Child Life Program

Child Life Services address a critical element of health and well being for sick children: play. Based on the theory that play is fundamental to a child’s growth and development, Child Life Services is available to patients in the Pediatric Hematology/Oncology Division in both the ambulatory and inpatient units. Using a variety of tools — including three supervised playrooms filled with games, toys, and arts and crafts — child life specialists work closely with the child, family, and medical team to reduce anxiety and provide the opportunity to engage in everyday childhood activities to “normalize” the experience and help reduce the stress of being in the Hospital or at the outpatient center .

Child life specialists support the patient during invasive or painful procedures using guided imagery, relaxation, and/or distraction techniques. They also provide pre-operative teaching and medical play to help prepare the child and family for an upcoming treatment. In addition, they collaborate with the medical team and local schools to ease the child’s re-entry to school, promoting sensitivity and acceptance among peers. For more information, call (631) 444-3840.

For more information: Stony Brook Children's