National Cancer Survivors Day® 2021

Every June, Stony Brook University Cancer Center participates in National Cancer Survivors Day® as a treasured Celebration of Life for our patients. 

This year is the 34th annual global celebration that takes place on Sunday, June 6.  A pinwheel garden was planted on the lawn of the Cancer Center to recognize the personal milestones of our patients with cancer. It also honors the dedication of the physicians and researchers who are working daily to improve the quality of life of survivors, now and in the future.

There is positive news concerning cancer. Research breakthroughs, treatment advances and clinical trials have helped to improve cancer diagnostics and care. Cancer survivors in the U.S. total more than 16.9 million. According to the National Cancer Institute, that number is expected to climb to 22 million in the next decade.  Some cancers, such as childhood cancers, have cure rates that exceed 90 percent.

Stony Brook Cancer Center provides world class multidisciplinary cancer care with twelve teams of experts dedicated to a group of cancers. If you or a loved one need more information about cancer care or support services, call (631) SB-CANCER (722-2623).