Stony Brook University Cancer Center
Cancer Prevention Symposium:
Nutrition, Microbiome and Cancer Disparities

Wednesday, Dec. 8, 2021
12 - 3 pm

Via Zoom

Nutritional and metabolic factors are major contributors to the burden of cancer globally and in the United States. They also contribute to the disparities in cancer incidence and mortality. 

This Symposium will provide a forum to address the complex interplay between nutrition, metabolism and the microbiome, and their relationship to cancer disparities.


Meeting ID: 928 8957 0264 


Edward Giovannucci, MD, MPH, ScD
Harvard School of Public Health
Relevance of Nutrition to Cancer Disparities   
Cynthia Sears, MD
Johns Hopkins University
 Microbes Shaping Colon Carcinogenesis  
Temitope Keku, MSPH, PhD
University of North Carolina
Cancer Disparities: Behavior and Biology 


David Montrose, PhD
Stony Brook University
Modifying Diet to Enhance Cancer Therapy   
Chrisa Arcan, PhD, MHS, MBA, RD
Virginia Commonwealth University/Stony Brook University
Lifestyle Intervention to Reduce Body Weight and Systemic Inflammation
Among World Trade Center Responders


Weiqin Lu, PhD
Stony Brook University
High-fat Diet and Pancreatic Cancer  
Brian Sheridan, PhD
Stony Brook University
Oral Immunization with Highly Attenuated Listeria Monocytogenes Vaccines
to Elicit Gastrointestinal Immunity 
Students and junior researchers
are invited to submit abstracts;
they will be selected as short
oral presentations or posters 
Abstracts (maximum 200 words and one table/figure) should be submitted to:
by 11/15/2021