Opportunities for Fellows

Stony Brook Cancer Center provides numerous opportunities and resources for enhancing postdoctorate research skills in cancer research and career progression. These include grant writing workshops and grant development seminars to gain faculty feedback, cancer-focused grand rounds and internal workshops, travel support for meetings, and training in clinical trials research.

Stony Brook Cancer Center (SBCC) also supports a specific track for senior oncology fellows who want to develop an academic career to undertake a year of training as a junior faculty (in clinical, translational or basic research). Biotechnology and commercialization training is provided by Stony Brook University’s (SBU) Center for Biotechnology.

Recognizing the need to advance the career development of its most promising subspecialty trainees, SBCC leadership and the Administrator Directors for Education and Training initiated a one-year training program for promising senior fellows in the oncology subspecialties. This is primarily focused on providing senior fellows with the opportunity to immerse in academic training for a year as a junior faculty member.

SBU also has an Institutional Research and Academic Career Development Awards (IRACDA) award (the New York Consortium for the Advancement of Postdoctoral Scholars (NY CAPS) Phase II), a funded fellowship program for postdoctoral scholars in the biological sciences. Scholars advance their teaching skills and research experience during a three-year mentored fellowship at SBU and at minority-serving NY CAPS Partner Institutions.