Opportunities for High School Students

Stony Brook University (SBU) is known nationally for its support of high school science education programs. Indeed, SBU is proud of its record (ranked #3 in the country) for propelling students up performance and income ladders (from the bottom quintile to the top quintile).

Numerous Westinghouse, Intel, and now Regeneron award-winning students have performed their science training at SBU, including winners of the grand prizes.

Led by Karen Kernan, some of the best students in the country come to the:

SBU Simons Summer Research Program
Karen Kernan
Director, Simons Summer Research Program
(631) 632-7114

So we can respond to all inquiries in a timely and efficient manner, please contact us via email if possible. Program’s homepage

Program's homepage

Led by Keith Sheppard, EdD, many other talented students take classes through the:

Institution for STEM Education (I-STEM)
Keith Sheppard, EdD
Director, Institution for STEM Education (I-STEM)
(631) 632-2989

Program’s homepage

More than half of the students in these programs work in the laboratories of Stony Brook Cancer Center members on cancer-relevant research.