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At Stony Brook Cancer Center, we understand that being diagnosed with cancer is life-altering and deserves individualized attention.

Our experts in head and neck cancer bring their world-class knowledge and skills to provide their patients with advanced care that is customized to the type and stage of cancer they have, while accommodating personal needs and quality-of-life issues.

A Team Approach

Cancers of the head and neck region are diagnosed and treated by our specialized multidisciplinary team of surgeons, radiation oncologists, medical oncologists, endocrinologists, pathologists, radiologists and speech language pathologists.

Personalized Treatment

The treatment of head and neck cancer requires extensive expertise and coordination of care only available at a few dedicated centers in the Northeast. Due to the multitude of specialists involved, patients are guided throughout their evaluation, treatment and follow-up care by a dedicated nurse navigator who coordinates all of their appointments and provides a consistent point of contact.

We are the only center in Suffolk County that offers a multidisciplinary clinic where patients can be seen by multiple specialists in one day. This allows us to quickly establish a plan of treatment and act on it.