Community Update on Breast Cancer

Cancer Wise Smart Talk graphicThe Breast Cancer Team from the Carol M. Baldwin Breast Care Center invites you to a community education event to learn more about breast cancer, including prevention and screening methods. Presentations from our cancer experts focus on advances in diagnostics and treatments at Stony Brook University Cancer Center.  You can view these presentations all at once or space them out at different times or days. Feel free to view them as often as you would like and to share the link with family and friends. 

Photo of Dr. Brian O'Hea

Brian O’Hea, MD
Director, Carol M. Baldwin
Breast Care Center

Breast Conserving Surgery in Patients with Breast Cancer: Obstacles and Opportunities

photo of Dr .Airola

Krystal Airola, MD

#End the Confusion

Photo of Dr. Jules Cohen

Jules Cohen, MD

How to Make Cancer Treatments Work Better

Photo of Dr. Stessin

Alexander Stessin, MD, PhD

Radiation Therapy for Breast Cancer


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