Grant Acknowledgements

Office for Community Outreach and Engagement:

Comprehensive Cancer Control Program, Community Cancer Prevention Projects (2021 & 2022)
Supported by the NYS Department of Health and Health Research, Inc., the purpose of this funding is to support local interventions to address the burden of cancer in communities and across the state. Stony Brook Cancer Center’s Office for Community Outreach and Engagement hosted a virtual educational event, presented by Clare Moran, DNP, for local primary care providers about understanding and caring for survivors in the primary care setting. In 2022, COE partnered with the Tisch Cancer Institute at Mount Sinai to cohost a virtual workshop for breast cancer survivors that provided exercise, nutrition, and other healthy strategies for caring for themselves.

Cancer Prevention in Action (2021-2024)
Cancer Prevention in Action (CPiA) is a NYS Department of Health program supporting local cancer prevention and risk reduction interventions. Stony Brook Cancer Center has been awarded this grant to support skin and HPV-related cancer prevention in Nassau and Suffolk Counties. Goals include promotion of sun safety, reduction of UV exposure, and increased awareness of HPV vaccination. CPiA will educate communities on cancer prevention interventions as well as support cancer prevention policy adoption through partnerships with local businesses, schools, elected officials, health care providers, and community organizations. This project is supported with funds from Health Research, Inc. and New York State.  

Other Grants:

Miriam and David Donoho Academy of Clinical and Educational Scholars (2021-2023) 
Dr. Barbara Nemesure, Director of the Cancer Prevention and Control Program
Founded in 2014 by a generous donation from Drs. Miriam and David Donoho to enhance the educational mission of Renaissance School of Medicine at Stony Brook University. Membership in the Academy of Clinical and Medical Educators signifies outstanding contributions to the educational mission of the School of Medicine.