Screening Colonoscopy Program


 Start at 45!  Direct Access to a Colonoscopy
Colonoscopy is considered the most effective method of screening for colorectal cancer. Beginning at age 45, all men and women should be screened for colorectal cancer, even if they are experiencing no problems or symptoms. If no polyps or disease are found, then the the individual can have a full colonoscopy every ten years.  To accommodate healthy patients who need a screening colonoscopy, a Direct Access Program to expedite and simplify the process of scheduling colonoscopies is available. The online form allows select patients in stable health to arrange for a colonoscopy without first having a face-to-face consultation with a gastrointestinal specialist.
  (631) 444-COLON (444-2656)    Request Your Screening Colonoscopy Online

Options for Making an Appointment

• To participate in the Screening Colonoscopy Program, speak with your primary care physician who will determine if you meet the criteria. If you are eligible, your primary care physician will then send the information needed to initiate your screening to the program coordinator who will contact you directly to discuss your medical history and go over the details of the procedure, including medication, dietary, and preparation issues.

• Or, you can fill out the form for the Direct Access Program and a staff member from Stony Brook Medicine will contact you.

Details about Your Colonoscopy
An appointment for your procedure will then be scheduled for a date and time suitable for you. The procedure itself typically takes less than 30 minutes. Please note that you will receive sedation for your colonoscopy. After receiving sedation, you will not be allowed to drive, work, or operate machinery for 12 hours. After that time period, you may resume your normal activities.

Instructions for Your Colonoscopy
Your doctor and nurse will explain in detail how you will prepare for your colonoscopy. The following forms have important information for you. Please fill out the forms and follow the instructions for bringing them to your appointments.

Link to Colonoscopy Preparation Instructions