graphic for the International Ceramide Conference

The last 20 years have witnessed an explosion in research centered on bioactive sphingolipids; especially ceramide, sphingosine, and sphingosine phosphate. In recent years, the number and diversity of bioactive sphingolipids has expanded significantly. Current investigation in this field is beginning to yield novel insights into the regulation of sphingolipid metabolism and its function, which opened exciting possibilities for therapeutic applications.

The International Ceramide Conference (iCC) originated as the Charleston Ceramide Conference in 2001 (through 2011) before transitioning to its current name in 2013. Our goal was to mark the 20-year anniversary since the founding of the conference in Charleston, SC where it all began. However, due to the pandemic, we had to adapt the 2021 iCC to a virtual meeting. We are quite excited about the ability to host the 2023 iCC in-person and in Charleston!

The iCC provides a forum for interaction of the major groups from around the world who are interested in the biochemistry and biology of bioactive sphingolipids. The goals of the conference are two-fold:
(1) to provide a mechanism to foster the development of the next generation of investigators in bioactive sphingolipids
(2) to provide an environment where the emphasis on the biologic significance of these molecules and underlying mechanisms constitute the major focus.

With these goals in mind, the iCC has always provided a forum for graduate student and postdoctoral researchers to present their work and a relaxed environment in which to foster a lively exchange of ideas and perspectives.