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News and Advances

For Recurrent Melanoma

Stony Brook has begun isolated limb infusion for recurrent melanoma that is limited to an extremity. In this procedure, the arm or leg with the recurrent melanoma is isolated from the rest of the body by a tight tourniquet. Catheters, which circulate warm chemotherapy, are inserted in the main artery and vein to that extremity. While not a cure, it can control the disease for a period of time.

Patient Network Database Established

To ensure continuity of care, the team has created a patient network database with information on visits and dates of skin examinations and screenings, which is available to all members of the melanoma team.

Skin Cancer Clinic 

Adam Korzenko, MD, Department of Dermatology, established a skin cancer clinic at the Cancer Center to expand treatment of patients with skin cancer. It is coordinated with the melanoma clinic led by Tara Huston, MD, of the Department of Surgery.