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Nutrition Services

Nutrition can play a role in cancer prevention, as well as support the patient’s health during treatment and help prevent recurrence. Registered dietitians, experts in nutrition, are available to counsel patients and their families on appropriate strategies for eating. They devise an individual nutrition plan based on the patient’s medical and family history, lifestyle factors, and personal goals. Inpatient meals are provided by a “room service” menu system, overseen by an award-winning executive chef, which allows patients to request meals according to their own schedules and tastes. 

Inpatients and outpatients receive continual monitoring so that eating plans can be modified appropriately; follow-up care and referrals to community resources are also a part of this service. Outpatient services focus on optimizing nutrition during treatment, as well as offering strategies and clinical options if side effects hinder nourishment. A dedicated full-time oncology dietitian is available at the outpatient Cancer Center. The Department also provides the community with ongoing education and support with a focus on cancer prevention. 

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