Radiation Oncology Team Photo

Our Radiation Oncology Team

Our Radiation Oncology team works with other oncology specialists to develop individualized treatment plans for each patient. Referring physicians and other oncologists involved in a patient’s care are kept fully apprised of proposed treatment plans and the patient’s progress during and after radiation therapy.

 The team is composed of:

  • Board-certified radiation oncologists, each with extensive training and experience
  • Doctor of nursing practice with survivorship care
  • Board-certified medical physicists
  • Board-certified medical dosimetrists
  • Board-certified Radiation therapists
  • Specially-trained nurses
  • Support staff, including social workers, physical therapists, nutritionists, and others  

The entire team works collaboratively, providing care that is coordinated and streamlined, including:

  • Complete clinical evaluation and staging
  • Personalized radiation therapy tailored to specific needs
  • Comprehensive follow-up care and support
  • Ongoing evaluation and assessment to determine how well treatment is working and how the patient is responding