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Radiation oncology plays a vital role in Stony Brook Medicine’s commitment to provide the highest quality cancer care to residents of Suffolk County and beyond. Our Radiation Oncology team uses the most advanced technology and innovative therapies to effectively evaluate and treat patients. We are committed to advancing the science and practice of radiation oncology and developing novel treatment approaches so that patients have the best opportunity for positive outcomes with the fewest side effects.

Stony Brook's Department of Radiation Oncology is equipped with three Varian® accelerators, BrianLab® ExacTrac system, Varian Eclipse TPS and Aria R&V system, iPlan TPS, Varian Ximatron, GE® CT-simulator with 4DCT capabilities and Nucletron® HDR.

Advanced Treatments

External Beam Radiation Therapy
When a patient has this type of treatment, the radiation comes from a large machine. The radiaiton is aimed at the cancer. The machine moves around you without touching you. To learn about the different types of therapy that uses an external beam, click here.